Multiply Your Generosity.

Multiply Your Generosity.

Be a part of a grassroots movement of difference-makers. Your support raises up disciples who raise up more disciples - until the whole world experiences God's love.

Ministry made simple.
Education made accessible.


150+ free online courses and low-cost credentials supported by student and kingdom donors. Students can study at their own pace, anytime & anywhere


Programs in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, & Ukrainian are reaching the world for Christ.


Christian Leaders is equipping those who feel called to become difference-makers to impact their families, churches, communities, and culture. 

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Julie T. - Wedding Officiant

The classes I have taken at CLI have opened so many new doors for me and helped me with numerous areas while planning for Weddings. All of the classes I have taken have taught me so much and made me feel more confident. They also helped me be more People Smart, which is so important as an Officiant.

Elias O. - AA of Divinity

I took courses to become a Licensed Minister, then a Chaplain, and now for a degree in Divinity. It made perfect sense. I was already involved in ministry, already leading Bible studies, and people were starting to see me as a spiritual leader. Getting formal training and credentials could only open more doors – even if just to get the attention of people who prefer to listen to those with credentials. In short, more open doors to minister to others.

Lataha M. - Licensed Minister

Now, I am pursuing both counseling and teaching and I am no longer running from ministry as a whole. I absolutely love it and it’s important to me that I get all the training I can. People are hurting and dying. They need to know the Savior of the world. The Licensed Minister training has been formative to me by teaching me that my influence, walk with God, and everything I do is important. I have also learned that in order for me to help anyone I have to have a walk with God.

Alexander D. - BA Christian Leadership

I have learned many things in CLC. Now that I have graduated with a Bachelor Of Christian Leadership Degree with a Christian Business Major, I am not a novice when it comes to business. The classes have laid a strong foundation in my life when it comes to handling money. I have learned to be a good steward in everything entrusted to my care including money as a Christian. The courses are loaded with experiences, wisdom, and practical examples.

Jennifer H. - Youth Pastor

Not having any formal training in Youth Ministry, I sometimes felt incapable. This need brought me to Christian Leaders Institute. The vast directory of programs, certifications, and degrees offered is astonishing! Being a Volunteer Youth Pastor of a small church, at times, means I am paying out of pocket for supplies, events, etc. for my youth. Having an institution like CLI provide quality content for no fee is a blessing. Being able to have the tools and knowledge to teach, mentor, guide, and inspire the younger generation is my heart’s purpose on this Earth.