Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance

At Christian Leaders, we believe that anyone who is called can be a minister, and ministers are difference-makers. Christian Leaders Alliance exists to allow students to fulfill their ministry calling through affordable credentials and local commissioning. Our model seeks to serve volunteers, part-time, and full-time ministers. Jesus’ passion was to launch everyday people as ministers to change the world. Ours is too. 

What sets CLA apart?

  • Tuition-Free
  • Low-Cost
  • Completely Online training paired with local commissioning
  • At a students’ own pace (no schedule)
  • Minister credentials to fit every level of training (Lay/Field, Licensed, Ordained) 
  • Highly customizable credentialing tracks
  • Large network of minister alumni worldwide

Disciples making more disciples.


Christian Leaders Alliance roles include field minister, coaching minister, licensed minister, several ordained minister roles, and a plethora of specializations. Students navigate through all of the training on our online platform, while working with local mentors and leaders to receive recommendations and their eventual commissioning.  


Jesus’ disciples were ordinary, unexpected men who were transformed into gospel superspreaders. We believe that everyone who senses this calling can be launched in the same way. By providing accessible training, pairing it with a local connection, ministers are being empowered and infiltrating every corner of the globe with the Gospel. 

Get involved.

This reproducible model of credentialing depends on the faithful and generous support of people like you. In order to keep the courses free and the credentials low-cost, we need your help. 

Do you believe in biblical training model that Jesus established?

Do you support the gospel-multiplication movement?

Do you want to see this movement change the world?

Then join us, and give

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