Christian Leaders College

Christian Leaders College

Approximately 45 million Americans are currently in college debt. Tuition is skyrocketing making higher education less and less accessible. Despite this, more than 60% of jobs in the US require a college degree.

But what if there was a different way?

  • Tuition-Free
  • Low-Cost
  • Completely Online
  • At a students’ own pace (no schedule)
  • Numerous transfer opportunities
  • Extensive grant and scholarship program
  • Christian Worldview

Sound too good to be true?

Our students agree.


For a Bachelor’s degree, CLC students pay $3000 or less. This one-time fee supports the administrative cost of their coursework. Christian Leaders courses are correspondence style and highly sustainable, which breaks the mold of a traditional college course. 


Jesus spent the core of his ministry educating his disciples. He taught them to become multipliers of the Gospel throughout the world. This model of education is just as important today, but is often neglected, especially at the college-level. Christian Leaders College believes that those who are called to be gospel-multipliers should be highly educated, but with a barrier-free education. 

Get involved.

This reproducible model of education is not possible without faithful & generous supporters. In order to maintain the low cost and reach those in need around the world, we need your help. 

Do you believe in a high-quality Christian education?

Do you support the gospel-multiplication movement?

Do you want to see this movement change the world?

Then join us, and give

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