Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institue was founded in 2001 after President Henry Reyenga experienced the September 11, 2001 tragedy in person. He recognized the immense need for ministers and Christian difference-makers in the world. CLI grew from this recognition, but also the necessity of reproducibility. Of multiplication

The Power of Education

How does Christian Leaders Institute empower reproducible difference-makers?

  • 165+ Free, Online, Christian Courses and mini-courses
  • Courses in a wide range of topics, including Bible, Theology, Philosophy, English Literacy, History, Math & more
  • Awards, Certificates, Diplomas
  • Courses in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian & Ukrainian

& The Power of Giving Back

Through the Vision Partner program, students themselves support about 50% of our budget. Students who are impacted by the courses are inspired to give back, pay it forward, and ultimately create a sustainable system. 

Will you join them?

Using Jesus' Ministry Model

Jesus was a Rabbi – a teacher, a walking school, a free ministry training school supported by his means and the generosity of first-century donors. His goal was to both do ministry and to teach and show his students how to do ministry. Then they could teach and guide their students in how to do ministry. Jesus’ model was to empower multipliers. 


Jesus was all about equipping and launching ordinary people.

We are too.

CLI was founded on the idea that anyone with internet access can pursue their calling from the Lord and become qualified.

Christian Leaders Institute is for the single mom who only has a few free moments a day.

It is for the entrepreneur who wants to incorporate their faith into their business.

It is for the aspiring preacher who cannot afford a seminary’s tuition.

It is for the grassroots leader who wants to make a difference for Christ in their community. 

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