Christian Leaders

Christian Leaders is an institution of higher education with the mission to launch leaders worldwide with deep, Christ-centered, biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong and empowered ministry skills, and a passion for making disciples, expanding God’s church, and sparking a revival through the power of Holy Spirit.



Christian Leaders began on September 11, 2001, after President Henry Reyenga experienced the 9/11 tragedy in person. This event brought to his attention the need for a grassroots movement of trained ministers.

In response, under the encouragement of Rich DeVos Sr., he started Christian Leaders NFP with the founding mission of raising up reproducible Christian leaders to spread the Gospel everywhere.

In 2006, Henry focused on using the internet as a tool for training, which resulted in the launch of free online ministry courses. Since then, hundreds of thousands of students have joined in Christian Leaders’ grassroots movement to equip, empower, and educate.

Christian Leaders’ model engages with every rank, race, and region to maximize difference-makers with a low- cost, generosity multiplied model.

Meaningful Growth

Students build meaningful relationships with others and receive transformational spiritual growth that prompts revival throughout their communities and around the globe.

Innovative Education

Christian Leaders is redefining education by offering affordable online training and resources to individuals from diverse backgrounds - forming them into passionate disciples.​

Attainable Learning

Christian Leaders' learning platform offers an easy- to-access education with ministry training and biblical studies at the college level. With a unique, donor-supported cost structure, Christian Leaders can provide a quality education for all.​

Devoted Community

Christian Leaders delivers high-quality education through their devoted community of like-minded individuals. This network is easily accessible and ready to support and engage with past, current, and potential students.​

Multiplying Generosity

Freely-Given & Graciously Received

Christian Leaders is supported by student Vision Partners, foundations, churches, and individuals. Supporters not only make free courses and low-cost credentials possible, but they also create a ripple effect by empowering individuals in their own community who commit to impact further.

Christian Leaders is dedicated to creating a platform for the causes and interests of its supporters. CL believes this grassroots movement will continue to spread revival and the gospel message worldwide.

  • Low Cost

    With average student debt in the US reaching about $35K, CL's free courses and low-cost credentials set students up for success.

  • Accessible

    CL's training is completely online and at your own pace, making it the most flexible option for students in every walk of life.

  • Worldview Oriented

    CL invites God into every conversation, teaching from an unabashedly Christian perspective.